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Managed VOIP Business Communications

First and foremost communication is a big part of any business and the ability for people to reach you and for you to talk to them is paramount in any business. More for less money is how we help as a VOIP solution, and if you’re looking for cheaper call rates, maximum features, lower monthly bills, then you can surely find it in our phone service. We provide state of the art, and cloud based VOIP service using the same technology by Meraki found in our managed networking services. Meraki Communications is a cloud-managed voice platform that is purposefully designed for and managed from the same dashboard as our routers and switches. IT is designed to be easy to deploy, easy to use, easy to manage, and the best part, we take care of all of it for you! You will find most of our features below …
  • Contact Directory Integration
  • Call History & Visual VoiceMail
  • Hold, Transfer, Mute, and SpeakerPhone Capabilities
  • Interactive Voice Response and extension calling
  • Ad-Hoc Conferencing
  • Lock Screen Protection
  • 100% Cloud Managed
  • HD, Color, 7” IPS-backlit Touchscreen Display for Easy Navigation
  • Front & Side USB Headset Ports & 3.5mm Audio Headset Socket
  • Learning curve: None
  • Requires Zero On-Site Infrastructure, Unlike The Old PBX
  • Dial From a Browser & Phone Portal