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We’re in this business to help other small businesses grow and move forward.  It’s as simple as that.  We’re driven by the philosophy that if we help local businesses solve their IT issues so they can become more profitable and successful, then we will inherently grow along with them.  There is no catch, no gimmick, just experience and best practices that we’ve honed over the years to make our services work for YOUR business needs.

Message from the President of CDR Business IT Services:

Dear Business Owner,

Hello, we’ve been serving the San Antonio area since 2004.  As a business owner, I feel a lot of similar pain points as you.  Just like you, I know how much of a hassle it can be dealing with IT troubles.  It’s expensive, it’s time consuming, and it’s downright frustrating.  You pay your employees to work, but if their workstations aren’t working or the server is unreachable, they can’t do their jobs.

When you get in your car each day you expect it to start as soon as you turn the key. But just think, wouldn’t it be nice if you could then drive it all day without having to worry about buying gas, filling your tires, dealing with tax and registration, changing oil, changing wiper blades and heeding warning lights? Well, CDR Business Services can’t do this for your car but we can do something similar for your IT. We look after it 24/7, keep systems patched, backed up and constantly monitored and updated. All you need to do is come to work in the morning and switch it on – you’ll find everything is running smoothly and will take your business to new heights. This dream can be a reality, call us now and we can show you how.

President of CDR Biz,